about me

 About me


My name is Sharon Hale and I am 53 years old. Thank you for taking the time to look at my bears.

I have been busy over the last years making thousands of one of a kind mohair bears. I would love to thanks my mum Julie who without I could never have fulfilled my big dream of having a business I love so much.

I have 2 boys and a beautiful husband who supports me very much . This business has made me be able to stay home and be with the children throughout their childhood which is very important to me.

I first got interested in bears when a friend and I went to a bear show at Camberwell Town hall in Melbourne. Here I found my love of bears . I fell totally head over heals in love with a beautiful little bear 10 cm tall. He was not for sale but was in a kit to make, so I attended a class and have never looked back.

About 20 years ago my mum Julie opened her home up to enable me to conduct classes at night. We still do them today however I have now a beautiful studio built in out hoe away from the house ,and on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm until 9.30 you will hear 8 women busy chatting and having a ball making bears,. I still have some of my original students who have become great friends.

I make bears nealy every day. The most asked question I get asked a lot is - Do you ever get sick of making bears ? ... I can honestly say I have never felt I could not make another , and I have said to my self when that day comes its time to stop.

I have become very fond of "Shabby Chic " and many of my bears represent that look. I also love vintage and old tins and nick knacks.

I would love to thank my many customers who have been buying my bears and supporting me through out the years, Many have large collections (Probably bigger than my own, "shaz bear" collection.) I just hope when you purchase one of my bears you will feel it is like a little friend , and when you peak over to them they will put a smile on your face.